Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Falling Behind--Satellite Anyone?

We've been having the usual satellite issues. I can't even bring up blogger at home. However, for a quick chat, come visit at Twitter.

I'm also taking Candace Havens' Fast Draft class. I'm writing like crazy on a brand new proposal even though I have two proposals to finish, but I wanted this challenge, and it's refreshing to just go with the flow instead of over-analyzing myself half to death. If you're a writer, you should try this. Especially if you've had any confidence issues. You have to produce so quickly you have no time to worry about confidence.

Normally, I wonder if I could possibly be writing well if I'm writing this fast, but this class is chasing the critical voice right out of my head! I need to post a mental "No Vacancy" sign to fool the critic into thinking it's full in there!