Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Time to Move

I thought I'd slowly phase this blog out as I built the new website, but why not share the construction dust? :-)

Join me at

See you there!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

November Cover

I have a new cover, and it's gorgeous! The next book in my Welcome to Honesty series is called A Conflict of Interest. I'm more excited than ever to look at fall coming! :-)

Also in the middle of redoing my website. It's in the middle of transferring, and when it completes, I'll probably move the blog over to the new website. For now, I'm still having horrible Internet access problems. Some day, high speed will come to our neighborhood!

Try me at Twitter. If I can't load Blogger, I can sometimes load Twitter.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Totally forgot...

to blog yesterday. I'm so unaccustomed to being able to! :-)

Busy days. Husband w/arm in sling getting better.
Hair getting cut.
Proposals getting polished.
Clothes getting tried on.
Clothes getting packed.
Mirror getting sworn at. (Why won't it lie?)
Lots of stuff left to do!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Nightmares and Packing

Maybe they're the same thing. :-)

Tis the season for nightmares for me. I have pretty steady insomnia anyway, but when summer comes, so come the bad dreams. I don't know why, but waking with them gives me plenty of time to think and to plan--about packing.

I'm joining the annual trek to RWA's national conference. These days, it's weird to travel without the family, and I still have to decide on clothing, make sure I've jotted down all my appointments, and remind myself not to say or do too many silly things at once. Pace yourself, is my motto.

I'm way behind on things like business cards, hair-taming, nails, an outfit for each day. And oh yeah--getting used to wearing shoes.

I'm not doing the literacy signing this year, but if you're in the D.C. area at about 7 on Wednesday the 15th, check out the Wardman Marriott for all your favorite romance authors. Like all other wise readers, I'll be seeking out books by my favorite writers--and catching up with friends I haven't seen in a while. And some friends I've never actually met in person. Isn't the Internet amazing?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Almost the 4th of July

Seems like a good day to blog. We seem to have access again, though I wish the storms would come back. :-)

Happy 4th to all, especially to those who are celebrating while their loved ones are on boats or in planes or in barracks in another part of the world. I pray that soon you'll all be together again.

Big times around here. Beloved tore a tendon in his bicep so he's all splinted, recovering from surgery. Girlo has a job. Music to any graduate's ear. Son has working email. Music to his mom's eyes! :-)

I'm revising proposals and working on new stuff. Writing, writing, writing. Gotta make up time after post-surgery care for beloved.

I keep telling myself to break away and swim. Good grief, I was about to whine about not dragging myself out there because of the heat, but we're about ten degrees cooler than usual for this time of day! I'd better go haul any adventurous snakes out of the pool and take their place!

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday! And, no, girlo, you may not have the hamburgers with swiss cheese and mushrooms a day early. Tonight is fish and pasta!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Falling Behind--Satellite Anyone?

We've been having the usual satellite issues. I can't even bring up blogger at home. However, for a quick chat, come visit at Twitter.

I'm also taking Candace Havens' Fast Draft class. I'm writing like crazy on a brand new proposal even though I have two proposals to finish, but I wanted this challenge, and it's refreshing to just go with the flow instead of over-analyzing myself half to death. If you're a writer, you should try this. Especially if you've had any confidence issues. You have to produce so quickly you have no time to worry about confidence.

Normally, I wonder if I could possibly be writing well if I'm writing this fast, but this class is chasing the critical voice right out of my head! I need to post a mental "No Vacancy" sign to fool the critic into thinking it's full in there!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's Thursday!

And I have a few writing moments today. Shhhhh--don't tell anyone. Actually, I have a critique I need to do first with some work time, but I might do an hour of each.

Then I need to buy soil conditioner, some more plants for the flowerbed, a dimmer switch for the dining room--and something or a set of somethings with which to produce dinner. Then I have to set out six beautiful tomato plants our extremely kind neighbor gave us. (I'm guessing he's noticed what bad gardeners we are?)

Throw in a toilet cleaning and you've got the glam life of a writer! :-) I'd love to be a little glam. I'll bet you have to wear shoes to be glam. (So, clearly not for me!)