Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oh, the weather outside is foggy!

We had some snoring in the house last night. I couldn't manage to sleep over it or get the ocean waves on my iPod loud enough to drown it out, so I moved to the guest room, and this is the view I woke to.

And then I did an accounting. These are things I've already done in 2009:

Crocheted scarf for daughter
Mailed Rita books on time (Though this was actually begun in 2008. Thank you, Mr. Overnight Courier)
Edited chapter (now must shower and leave the abode for Internet access capable of emailing to CP)
Bought Eagle Eye, which I love (to my hip child's despair)
Watched Eagle Eye too many times (I'd alternate with Dark Knight, but said child has absconded with said DVD.)
Noticed that: Je suis une slacker!
Posted on the blog two days in a row (like a woman who can meet a commitment)

I hope everyone's already having an equally productive 2009! I like this year!


Debbie White said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean about that snoring. I've changed rooms myself in the past when I can't get it to stop!!!

Anna Adams said...

Debbie, I'm laughing at your "can't get it to stop!!!)

I tried a little jiggle of the shoulder. Merely seemed to accelerate the volume. Cleared my throat--apparently forced the man to snore louder to drown me out. Shook the bed a little. That worked for about two seconds--not a cessation, but a definite lowering of the volume. Only to cause an increase after said two seconds! And finally, I bounced the bed so hard, he had to turn over, spraying the room in a rat-tat-tat of snoring that reminded me of a machine gun or a pride of lions and as I'd bounced myself off the bed anyway, I just switched rooms!