Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday--Doin' my homework!

When I was a girl, my aunts and cousin could all knit, but I could only crochet. Knitting looked so confusing that I never ventured to do it. I love crocheting, and I made up patterns to make clothes for my Barbie (when she wasn't shooting the rapids--storm-swollen streams in our share of the Tennessee woods)with GI Joe. I also made up a pattern for a cool (read dramatic) sweater with a pointy hood and bell sleeves. Very monk-like, perfect for the teenage girl I was at the time! :-)

I still love crocheting, but I'm not afraid of knitting now. A few weeks ago, I was wandering the square in town with a friend, and we stumbled across a new shop devoted to all things knitting. They had a note in the front window advertising classes so I darted inside before I could change my mind and decide I didn't have time to finally learn to knit.

Might have been a mistake. After two Monday nights of making new friends and laughing through a two-hour class and dreaming of all the lovely new things I can make out of beautiful yarns (fiber, the truly adept seem to call it), I only have time to knit!


Debbie White said...

That looks pretty good. I haven't knitted in a VERY long time. I stick to crocheting now.

Anna said...

Thanks, you! If you remember, when we were in Pigeon Forge, I asked y'all if any of you remembered well enough to teach me, and the silence blew out my eardrums! :-)

I'm pretty excited. I do still love crocheting, but I always envied your knitting skills! :-)

Love ya! Give your mom a bone-crushing hug for me!