Friday, July 3, 2009

Almost the 4th of July

Seems like a good day to blog. We seem to have access again, though I wish the storms would come back. :-)

Happy 4th to all, especially to those who are celebrating while their loved ones are on boats or in planes or in barracks in another part of the world. I pray that soon you'll all be together again.

Big times around here. Beloved tore a tendon in his bicep so he's all splinted, recovering from surgery. Girlo has a job. Music to any graduate's ear. Son has working email. Music to his mom's eyes! :-)

I'm revising proposals and working on new stuff. Writing, writing, writing. Gotta make up time after post-surgery care for beloved.

I keep telling myself to break away and swim. Good grief, I was about to whine about not dragging myself out there because of the heat, but we're about ten degrees cooler than usual for this time of day! I'd better go haul any adventurous snakes out of the pool and take their place!

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday! And, no, girlo, you may not have the hamburgers with swiss cheese and mushrooms a day early. Tonight is fish and pasta!

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