Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The slogging blogster

I'm almost embarrassed to show up again it's been so long. Still dieting. The folks behind me are having sandwiches. I'm longing for a sandwich but I'll try not to lean my chair back and snag a bite! I'm longing for a pimento cheese sandwich, and I don't even like the stuff.

Pool's almost done. My girl and I are so excited. Yay--I can't wait to swim in our own back yard!

Book's fighting back, but I've started the do-over, and this time I at least knew the characters well enough that I didn't have to do the do-over didn't five times before I could get past page 100.

So--not much else to say, cause summer days just fold into each other, don't they? I don't remember that as a child. My summers then were punctuated by Tuesdays. My grandmother never learned to drive, so on Tuesdays in the summer, my mom and Grandma and I would all go to the library, check out as many books as they'd let us haul out the door and then mosey home past my elders' favorite shopping places. My fave was the store that had both Teaberry gum and my favorite brand of sunflower seeds. Oh, those were lovely Tuesdays!

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