Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Enough with the Vacation Time!

I've been taking it, sort of. I'm working like crazy on proposals, and I hope my editor loves them as much as I am. Also preparing for some time in the mountains. Yay! Reading tons of Christina Dodd! I loved her historicals, but I'm an even bigger fan of her contemporaries.

Reading is the one thing that suffers after you become a writer. You start editing. Books. Movies. (Some people refuse to accompany you to movies unless you vow not to speak.) I've longed for those golden days of just grabbing any book and not surfacing until I finish, replete. :-) Trouble in High Heels provided that experience. I'm reading Tongue in Chic now and feeling most lucky to have discovered the series!

Better get back to proposing. Can't read till I meet my own deadlines!

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