Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What does a bandwagon look like?

I was trying to think of some clever title about clinging to the last rail on a bandwagon when I realized I don't even know what a bandwagon is, if it's not the school bus my high school band took to away games. Anyway, back to the bandwagon I'm getting at. I've never been a big fan of reality shows--except my daughter has hooked me on Rob and Big and Viva La Bam (thank goodness for recycled reruns!), and America's Next Top Model (no one on earth could be less likely to undertake that addiction).

However, I'm trying to spend more time with the beloved, with whom I have literally nothing except our grown children in common. (I mean we must have common values, etc., but that would take more thinking than I have time for right now.) So--I've started watching American Idol this season, even though I couldn't make myself watch it during the audition episodes because I feel kind of bad for a lot of those would-be singers. The beloved has me hooked. I'm not only watching the program--I'm looking for recaps.

I'm addicted to one of those, too. It's on a website calledA Socialite's Life, and his recaps for AI and for Top Chef (uh-oh--I'm all about the reality TV!) make me cackle out loud. (Beware if you visit; the language and viewpoints can get adult--especially today's.)

We had our own reality TV moment around here last night. Just a little something no mom of a daughter on Spring Break wants to hear--the hysterical voice of the Garmin lady screeching that the girl had taken a wrong turn on her way to visit a friend in an unfamiliar city. The girl wasn't upset or worried, but the mommy is considering meds.

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