Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Are people scintillating every day in a blog?

I am not. I should beg my writing buddies to join me and take part of the load, but seriously--how reliable am I? And I wouldn't want to let anyone else down.

Anyway, I'm not feeling brilliant so I'm not going to hang around and ramble. Maybe this is a good sign. Usually, I'm pretty boring in conversation when the writing is going well.

So--if you see me coming today--veer off and cover your face in the hope I won't buttonhole you for a chat!


Julie Cohen said...

I won't cover my face, you can talk to me if you want. :-)

I hope the writing is going well.

And my DH's Mac had exactly the same problem as yours did. He's got a new aluminium one now, and hopes it won't happen again.

Anna Adams said...


You're safe, saying that, you know--thousands of miles away. :-)

The writing is going--I've switched over to some revisions I've actually owed for a while. How lovely to find I still love those characters.

I'm suffering some aluminum envy over your DH's Mac. While the nice tech support man was repairing my injured machine, I cast lascivious glances over the aluminum cases. This one's not even a year old yet, so I couldn't justify buying the beautiful aluminum one--well, not in a way the beloved would really "get." We don't lust for the same gadgets around here. He loves chrome and other motorcycle add-ons. I adore the day a new computer arrives at the abode.

Hey--did Hulu work out for you? :-)

Julie Cohen said...

I haven't checked out Hulu yet because I've been sucked into revisions...deadline Friday. Then I get to watch soaps. Yay!

Brilliant to find you still love the characters, isn't it? I hope your revisions go smoothly and you are still feeling the love.

Anna Adams said...

Thanks, Julie! I hope your revs are kind to you as well! :-)