Monday, February 23, 2009

I love the lemonade!

Julie Cohen passed along the Lemonade award. One of the greatest life skills you can cultivate is the ability to make lemonade! So, I'm passing it along to my favorite lemony refreshment makers!

Karen Whiddon

Debby Giusti
Suzanne McMinn
JoAnn Ross
Kate Walker
Elaine Williams
Kimberly Dean
Stephanie Bond
The Soapbox Queens, Vicki, Rhonda, and Jennifer
Melinda Curtis

While I run back to work, I hope you'll take a little lemonade cruise around the Internet.

Happy Monday to all!


Debby Giusti said...

Anna, thanks for the award!!! I'm thrilled. Feel humbled ... all that stuff! :)

Hope all is well with you and your writing!

Heading to the kitchen to squeeze a few lemons!

JoAnn Ross said...

What fun! Thanks for the award!!! And thanks to all the little people who made this moment possible. Including any editors who every rejected one of my stories.

It was an honor just to be nominated, and since I'm sure you're dying to know my red carpet runway designers, my way glamorous black "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday" T-shirt is from the U.S. Navy SEAL store (gotta stay in character!) and my jeans are from NYDJ.

Since I need a break from tearing my High Risk #5 story apart (which is what I get for thinking I could plot ahead of time!) I think I'll not only go make some lemonade, but lemon meringue pie is sounding real good right now, too.

Anna Adams said...

You ladies are both so gracious! :-)

Debby, I'm writing. The pages are turning--or scrolling. That's pretty much excellent progress in my mind! :-) Hmmm, you made me kind of thirsty for the real stuff with your talk of a kitchen! I hope the rough draft tidying is making you blush with joy! :-)

JoAnn, you cut a dashing figure on the runway! And you know, one of the things I most admire about you--I assume you know I love your writing without saying!--is that you make lemonade for so many other people. The cards you make for the folks serving, and the service members you've adopted... You're an extremely busy woman, and yet you find the time to do so much for others. That's some powerful lemonade!

And I had to nod with empathy at your seam-ripping in High Risk #5. I'm doing the same thing, leaping out of this chapter to fix the problem in that chapter--thinking if I hadn't been seduced by that thread--which began unravelling--I wouldn't be flailing away at this one!

That makes sense, right? Anyway it distracts me from thinking about how much I LOVE lemon meringue pie!

Julie Cohen said...

Lemon meringue pie...? Mmmmmmmm.

Thanks for sharing the love, Anna, and giving me some fab new people to visit! (And thanks for getting Kate Walker, I was going to do her but then realised she'd be out of town when I posted.)

Anna Adams said...

LOL, thank you, Julie--that may be my favorite award ever! :-) And I'm having envy for the folks who got to hang out with Kate at her class.

You brought up the lemon meringue pie. Oh, no--it's flitting in and out of my mind. I can kind of taste it. Good thing I can't cook! :-) I'd almost try it if I weren't afraid of meringue. (Looks terribly tricky!)