Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stuff on Wednesday

Time for a "randomness" post.

The shoe trend: how I love shoes, and I'm feeling absolutely deprived because I will literally never be able to wear four-inch heels. But if you had to describe me by my feet, I'd come out looking like Fred Flintstone. I had to wear shoes to my daughter's graduation. Just shoes--nothing fancy. I still haven't recovered. Must practice before National this summer.

Next: I've mentioned my weakness for Another World, a "classic" soap? Suddenly, all those actors are doing commercials. All right, it's Cass, Frankie, and one of the Jamie's looking mighty delicious! :-)

When did morning news "presenters" become celebrities? In their own minds, I mean?

Why am I suddenly willing to be sarcastic on my blog? Need to stop that. Not nice.

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