Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No-need-to-talk Tuesday

You know when you're out of sorts and you can't find something pleasant to say, it might be time to do as Grandma suggested: If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. I kind of thought that was going to be my plan.

But I can talk about the weather. It's nice and cool. Unexpectedly, unbelievably cool. Only 45 degrees, and the house is even a little chilly. We'd already reached the stage of tropical despair some folks celebrate as summer. I really need to move to the tundra because last night as I walked, even the sun seemed slanted in that end-of-summer light. I had to caution myself to remember fall was not arriving. But I was a little excited anyway! :-)


Amy said...

girl... it's not even hot yet! you crack me up!

Debbie White said...

I agree with the first comment.

Grandma always knew best!!!

Anna said...

Amy, you are wrong. :-) Well, it's been cool this week. But before now... :-) I fear this won't be my only heat-whine. Brace yourself!

Deb, we should get together and write a book about Grandma. No one was ever a better Grandma in the world. And we could both say plenty about her cause she was plenty nice! :-)