Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bad Weather Coming

We're under a tornado watch, and you'd think the sky would be getting darker. Instead, I think there's more light coming through the windows. It's not green, which I've heard happens before a tornado, or orange, which I've seen before a tornado. I can see the radar and the storm is coming nearer, but you wouldn't really know it on a day as cloudy as this.

This does have to do with writing, you know. The best stories are the ones where the storm shows up just when you least expect it. Inevitably, your characters must deal with flying houses and angry witches :-), and guys rowing through the air. Just when our hero and heroine most want to live their own lives in their own home with a sweet little doggy, the light changes and the world looks different and the winds begin to blow.

I like a storm that drives my characters to the extremes of facing the worst that can happen--and then choosing the hardest road to the best. Isn't that what love should be--a gift that endures, facing the best and the worst life throws us?

That said, I don't like tornados. Hope they stay away.

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