Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Catching Up

I'm at yet another coffee shop. When, oh when will our Internet access be usable? And I don't really love to hear myself whining, but what ever happened to the concept of customer service?

Enough of that.

Summer's coming to an end. I can tell because I have an urge to bake. And a soup sounds good until I realize it's still in the 80s, but some of the leaves are starting to turn, and the schoolbus arrives on our street every morning. I'm going to miss my girl, but she's promised I can come down to take her to lunch at regular intervals. (Ain't she thoughtful?)

I'd love to hang out and gab, but I managed to pack for the coffee shop without a power cord so time is limited today. Wishing everyone a happy weekend!


Walt Mussell said...

There's nothing wrong with spending time in a good coffee shop. :-)

Anna Adams said...

Hey, Walt! I meant to be at the meeting, but I have to say, I love spending time with my girl. And I visited a bookstore I've been meaning to stop by since we moved here. It was a good day. Nice to hear from you!