Saturday, August 9, 2008

Gotta Type Fast!

Who knows how long this will last? We're still suffering Internet connection issues, but I've gotten this far....

Yay, the Olympics have started! I actually enjoy the Winter Olympics more--because of snow and cold weather. But I love the swimming and diving. Not wild about the other events until they start, and then I get all wrapped up in the competition. Yay--the games have begun!

Speaking of competition, was anyone else mesmerized by So You Think You Can Dance? I thought I was fine with whoever won, I liked all the dancers so much, but when they called Josh's name, I was startled because I expected to hear Twitch. What a great show. I need to thank the friend who suggested I watch it. But how long till the next season? And can it possibly measure up? :-)

Gotta hit post quickly. For one thing, how long will I stay connected? And we have friends coming to stay the night after the hot water pipe burst at their house. Do you ever notice the abode looks okay enough until you have folks coming to stay?

Also, I'm in the middle of a revision, but Harlequin Historical is doing a new ebook series called Undone. The stories are only 10-15k words, and I've always wanted to try a historical. I'm using my "spare" time to work up a shot at that. So--better get back to all kinds of work!

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