Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Internet Problems

I'm not even sure if this will post. Our service is so unreliable, I hit post and the wheels just turn. Anyway, service will be restored as and when available.

I've recently signed on to and I can't post at all there, but it's a fun site--like updating your Facebook status whenever you like, instead of going to the trouble of posting. ;-)

Reminds me of the six-word story.

Hope everyone else is having a lovely time!


Angela said...

Hi Anna-bo-banna!

Mary Malcolm said...

Anna! Come back to us! It's been, um, a are the roads coming along?

The six word that:

"Baby shoes for sale, never worn."

Is that the one you're talking about?

Anna said...

Angela! I'm so happy to see you! We need to get together! We need to! :-)

Mary, I seem to have continuous connection here for a few seconds, though even typing into the screen ends up being on a delay. When will cable or DSL slip into our neighborhood?

That is the story! Is that not heartbreaking? How've you been, Mary? I hear the heat is finally breaking--if you can call 90s breaking--out your way!