Saturday, July 19, 2008


And I'm heading to Starbucks while I still can! I read an article not too long ago that rather sneered at "MacBook Novelists" having to find somewhere else to go now that so many Starbucks are closing. I was taken aback because I do have a MacBook, and I am a novelist, and I have spent many working hours at Starbucks where the coffee may be pricey, but it's tasty, you can stay all day and no one bugs you about taking up space, and the soothing music is conducive to work no matter what conversations go on about you.

I had no idea I was going to rant about that.

Now that I have ranted, I'll suggest that sneering isn't vital to an entertaining article.

And maybe I'm wrong about what I do. Last night, a friend I truly love asked me what I was working on. I said I was doing revisions as well as proposals for new SuperRomances. She asked me if I was also working on a novel. This question always throws me, and you'd be surprised how often friends and loved ones ask it of the romance novelists in their midsts. What are the books I've been writing, if they are not novels? And why do people I love ask this question without blinking an eye?

I should delete this. I sound cranky. Better curl up with the kitty before I head out to Starbucks. I may have to use his catnip addiction against him. He doesn't really love curling up with the humans unless he initiates the cuddle. He loves catnip, though.

When we were in Maine recently, we met a guy walking two massive dogs that work as therapy dogs. I wish I could remember what type they were because I'd love to add a photo. They had kind of golden lab coloring, longish, wirier fur than labs, and the fur kind of curled a little on their spines. They had heads bigger than bowling balls, and they were so tall they could go into a hospital or nursing home and just drop their heads on the bed so that patients can visit with them without a lot of physical strain.

We asked if we could pat the doggies, and the man told us he brought them out for walks so that they would get more interaction with strangers and he was happy for us to make friends. Talk about sweet-natured. (Truly wish I could remember the breed.)

Anyway, I didn't realize it, but maybe I need a nice doggie to make me kinder today. Kitty has just nodded off across the room. If I bug him now, his idea of therapy will result in sore fingers. :-)

Sorry for the "tetchiness." Happy weekend to all!

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