Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday, Musing

Greg Norman is leading at the British Open. He's 53 years old, and leading. That is so cool. (And, completely beside the point, I'm thinking he has a Dorian-Gray type painting withering away somewhere.) I hope he keeps it going on the weekend!

My friend, Debby Giusti, has finaled in ACRW's contest. Yay, Debby! Crossing digits for a win! (I linked to one of Debby's blogs because her website appears to be down.)

I have revisions on my November 2009 book. Big, huge revisions, but more than worth it. As my editor said, the characters are there. I just need to make the last half measure up to the first half. This is one of those books where I'm so grateful for revisions. I knew something was not working when I finally gave up and mailed the book, and I literally tried so hard to fix it that I rewrote the good stuff out of it. I'm alarmed that I'm making beginner mistakes I didn't make as a beginner--this many books into a career I'd just as soon not sink.

And, yesterday I learned that I get to visit a house one of my ancestors built in the early 1800s. It's not just exciting to think that we'll get to walk the floors and touch the walls he built. (What a kind man the latest owner is--he's refurbishing, and he doesn't mind if descendants show up.)

There are also stories that my great-great-great-great--however many it is--grandfather's wife still visits the house from time to time. When people are in stress. After a car accident, etc. I hope she'll visit us. (I think I hope that.) Anyway, we get to do that soon, and I'm feeling so lucky! We drove past the house last fall and would have begged to visit if anyone had been there to be begged, but my cousin took matters into her own hands and found the new owner and got in touch. Yay, cousin! ;-)

Better get to those revisions so I have free time to visit houses and relatives.


Debbie White said...

Yay back at you, cousin!!!!

Anna Adams said...

You are a powerful woman!

And I cannot wait to see all y'all!