Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday at the British Open--and Other Stuff

Well--via TV. I love watching golf. I love watching golf in wind. I love watching links golf in wind. The DVR will be working overtime for the next 4 days. I miss Tiger, though. Wonder if the other players are secretly relieved, or if they feel as if they're missing a chance to show their skills against the best.

Wouldn't you hate a job where you had to fly all the time? I started my early adulthood with a job where flying was necessary. I even liked it. At one point, I lived a forty-five minute flight from home. On Fridays, I'd be walking out of work and suddenly think, "I'm going home for the weekend." And it was that easy.

For some reason, I developed a fear of flying in the early 90s that really made me queasy about it. And the only thing worse than being afraid to fly is being irrationally panicked about it when it's become a test of will and patience to manage it at all. I wonder if the early western settlers approached their wagon trains with more dread. A wagon train might be more uncomfortable.

Anywhooo--that's a wrap on the rant!

And, finally, I've discovered Helen MacInnes. She was really popular when I was focused on a different type of book, and I somehow never read her. But I'm enjoying the heck out of The Venetian Affair. She does such a fine job, it's like watching a movie from the 60s. I'm thinking of the image of a graphic artist toting her portfolio across Paris, wearing immaculate short white gloves.

Gotta go toss dinner in the crock pot and get my own work done so I can watch the British Open and then top off the evening with a little Helen M. ;-) Too much excitement?

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