Thursday, July 3, 2008

Busy Thursday

Is everyone busy for the Fourth of July? We have friends coming for a cookout, so I have to buy the victuals. Also, our kitty loves to decorate the rug. With his fur. I hate to offend his artistic taste, but I'd better get that up. Gotta persuade the beloved to clean toilets.

Gotta set up the deck furniture so we can see the town's fireworks over our trees tomorrow night. (I love the pretty lights and colors, but I don't care for the crowds.)

I hope everyone else is busy in such happy pursuits!

My little town locks every commercial door on the fourth--which I like. It's a big day! But that makes for big traffic jams on the third, especially at the checkout lines in the grocery store. I'd better go now unless I want to spend my working hours manning a line that starts at the eggs and cheese, and makes its way up the frozen food aisle before you catch sight of a cash register!

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