Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday in July

We've had wonderful weather this year, mostly in the upper 80s. Too hot for me, but I'm always aware that last year it was in the 100s regularly by now. Today, it's hot. It was hot at 3:00 this morning, when I went out to dump the garbage. (Couldn't sleep; might as well clean. Doesn't everyone?)

That's my chitchat today. Not very interesting, but ever since we lived in Hawaii, where no one had weather-folk on the news or the radio, I love to investigate the weather. I dreamed of rain or snow or a chill in the air. Must remember: not everyone is as vitally interested as I am in the swoop of the jet stream!

So--off to cull some spam. Spam, by the way (in the can, not the blog), was a popular form of eats in Hawaii. Used to come in a ZipPak from Zippys. I could use a ZipPak right now. Not so much the spam.

See ya tomorrow!


Mary Malcolm said...

Not to dissuade you from culling that spam (the e-mail kind, not edible), but I thought I should tell you what I do with mine.

I keep it.

Yup! In a folder I call "Names to Consider." And to be honest, every time I struggle to come up with a character name, I go to my spam folder. It's helped me out of a lot more spots than you could imagine!

Oh, and though we don't have the zippy packs here, you can buy single servings of spam at Wally World. Sometimes I crave a good spam-banana-miracle whip sandwich. Mmm mmm. Doesn't everybody?

Anna Adams said...

First, Mary--spam-banana-miracle whip? My mother raised you, didn't she? Miracle Whip for all would have been her campaign cry! How do you feel about the peanut butter/fluff (essentially spreadable marshmallow) combo? Another of her faves.

And as I laugh at your spam/banana/miracle whip choice, I'll admit I have a passion for a little something Publix calls "Marshmallow Delight." Oranges, cherries, mini-marshmallows and sour cream--aka a small pint o'heaven! ;-)

Why can't we crave steamed broccoli?

I'm definitely going to keep your spam name-list in mind, except a lot of my spammers either come from a John/Jane Smith kind of thing or something so innuendo laden it's hard to find a spot for it in hearth and home! ;-)

What makes me really mad is when they tack on "that you asked for" with whatever idiotic thing they're spamming. Not sure why that's a hot button, but I probably do a quick head spin before I cull. (Not pretty!)

I'm supposed to be filling the crock pot right now. I hope my roast doesn't turn into spam and marshmallows! Hope you have a great weekend!