Monday, July 7, 2008

Cycles, Tennis, Monday Again

The cycle has to do with John McEnroe. I remember being upset when he'd get to the finals of a tournament because his temper was rather shocking to such a repressed person. And I so admired Bjorn Borg for his play and his attitude.

Yesterday, wasn't John McEnroe amazing, too? How exciting to see/hear someone so excited about his passion. (I'm assuming everyone was planted in front of Wimbledon yesterday.) And considering the matches McEnroe played, to see yesterday's as the best ever. Well, the cycle has turned for me--I admire JM. (And it's not just cause I've already fallen for him in the cereal commercials!)

I also wondered yesterday, what could Borg have done if he hadn't stopped so young?

And I was so excited about the match yesterday, I'm going to watch it again tonight on ESPN Classic. I stopped watching tennis in the mid-80s or so, after a childhood of being enamored. It seemed that the rackets got larger, the play got shorter, just jab and return, point end. Yesterday, that cycle turned (for me--I'm pretty sure it must have turned a while ago) as well. I can't wait to watch some more tennis!

But, since it's Monday, I'd better get back to work. That cycle turns as well. ;-)

Wishing you all a happy Monday!

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