Friday, July 25, 2008

Random Friday

I had a family photo as the background on my laptop, but it was from our trip and the girlo felt bad she wasn't able to go. So, I altered reality a little. Sometimes, I amuse myself. (The girlo, while laughing, suggests it's good that I'm amused because perhaps she is not.) She also said I did a lousy adding-of-her job. I tried to point out that was the point.... It still makes me laugh. Isn't she handsome floating over her pop's shoulder?

Busy finishing excellent contest entries. I love when I get the good ones! Most lucky!

No swimming yesterday because a snake was using the pool. The beloved was out so I begged the neighbor to come down and de-snake us. This would be yet another thank you to the most heroic man on our block. I'm not sure why the girl and her father have to mock me because so far our pool snakes have been small. I recognized the scorn by the laughter when he did get home... It wasn't a 14-foot python, and I did feel wimpish. I'm usually no wilting lily, but all I could manage was a yip like a scared rat and a dash for the door, lest the snake uncurl itself from the bucket handle in the skimmer and attack.

Then I had to put my head between my knees.

I can sell a house, buy a house, pack a house, move a family, drive thousands of miles in the middle of the night alone, make decisions and never look back, move a stinking washing machine--all right. None of this sounds very strong. I'm trying to say I don't beg for help easy. When my editors have to suggest my heroines are taking that same quality to a too-stupid-to-live extreme, I'm never surprised. (Sadly. At least that's an easy fix. In the fictional people.)

Back to my rambling tale o' terror. Bring me face to reptilian eyes with an 18-inch snake, as thick as a fat pen, and I throw my all into a bad Jerry Lewis imitation.

Oh, it was a proud moment.


Marcy said...

I'm with you on snakes, Anna. Yuck.

What contest are you judging? I'm never sure which to enter, so I end up entering none. Do you have a recommendation on a good one?

Anna Adams said...

Hey, Marcy!

I was judging the Maggies, which I think is a great one! I've also heard good things about Great Expectations (NTRWA) and the Winter Rose (Yellow Rose RWA).

Honestly, before I published, I chose contests based on who was judging. If there was an editor or agent judging my category, I was a lot more likely to fork over those bucks! :-)

Sorry I'm so late with the book. I couldn't even get into my email to check the addresses, and since then I've been a little swamped. I'll try to get them out first of the week!

Anna Adams said...

Good grief, my mind's a blank! I meant if I hoped to get my work in front of the editor or agent judging my category. Sorry!