Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dosing the Cat

This is Kitty. He doesn't like antibiotics.

I'm scared.


Debbie White said...

Those "laser" eyes look familiar.

Bren said...

I hope both you and Kitty feel better. I know how upset I was when our baby puppy Cassie was sick. Good luck.

Anna said...


I'm cackling in a coffee shop! Even as I typed that yesterday, I thought of you and laughed because I knew you'd say he got those eyes from me! Take me to your leader, or I shall destroy you with mine all powerful seeing orbs! ;-)



Anna said...

Awww, thanks, Bren. He is better, and I'm getting there. (I have destroying work to do with my laser eyes, you know. Ask Pete about my driver's license story!) He's not quite eating as he's supposed to yet, but he is drinking, and I've finally figured out a method to get the antibiotic in. He doesn't like me or the method, though. ;-)

Anna Adams said...

Oh, yeah, Bren, that driver's license story? It's the reason none of our family is allowed in Red Lobster any more. But you can blame that on Deb! ;-)