Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mental about The Mentalist!

Okay, that was pretty cheesy.

I DVRd the Tuesday episode and watched it again last night. I have to say, I've known the "bad guy" each episode within seconds, but I don't even care. Patrick Jane was heartbreaking in the first episode, and I've loved him more with each showing. I love that he doesn't admit why he doesn't have children, and he didn't explain how his wife died, though the confidence might have made the villain more open to him. I love that he can't help making sandcastles. I love that he'll risk everything to catch a bad guy, and that he knows he can't stay home and be alone sometimes. In the first episode when he went home to the bare house and the mattress on the floor, I knew I was hooked for as long as the show runs.

Doesn't hurt that Simon Baker is gor-ge-ous, either!

Anyone else watching? (Just a year or so ago, I hardly ever watched network TV. Suddenly, I'm running that DVR half to death. It started with Top Chef and then So You Think You Can Dance. I'm spiraling!)


Carol Burnside said...

Oh, yeah. I'm loving this show.

The smiley face in blood above his mattress? Cree-py and sad!!!

Anna said...

Oh, Carol, I agree. And how deftly done, not to say anything about the fact that he's still sleeping on a bare mattress beneath it--just to show it. That's characterization, isn't it? ;-)

Hope your writing's going well!