Thursday, March 19, 2009


Revising. I'm trying to make every word count, trying to choose the details that emphasize emotion. It's difficult to choose the words that find the fine balance between wrenching and mawkish. Sometimes, I'm not sure which side of the line I'm falling on, but I've decided that maybe my editor will know when she's doing the line edit. :-) I want to make the ms. as perfect as possible so that mistakes are less prevalent in the line edit--when someone else types changes into the pages. But truthfully, that's another stage of shaping the story. So, instead of doubting myself, I'm leaving in moments I might have edited out before because this book is about letting the reader share in the hero and heroine's delight.

(I heard Richard Harris saying "Delight" in Camelot in my head as I wrote that. He understood emphasis!)

Gotta go!


Ronn said...

Ah yes, Richard Harris did/does know how to say Deeelight. Hi from Colorado!


Anna Adams said...

Ronnnnnnnnnnnn! I'm so glad to see you! And you said it just the way he did! :-)

Are you enjoying your new career? Does your blogger ID mean you're doing a blog? I hope life is excellent for you and yours! (And that your beloved is still willing to speak to me--I owe her a scarf I finished in December. I clearly don't understand that whole Post Office thing.)

I am so glad to "see" you!