Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Work, Work, Work

I fell asleep over the laptop last night. That's a strange feeling. I'm just glad I didn't add all the crazy letters that can happen on such unfortunate occasions. All the crazy letters that are there--I meant to add! (Grammar is suffering. Sad.)

However, I'm looking forward to some other work. In April I'm taking a class from RWA's Kiss of Death Chapter. They offer a couple of workshops every month, one on craft and one more focused on writing mystery and suspense. The workshops are seriously affordable. I'm doing Discovering Story Magic, and excited about it. I've heard only great things from others who've taken it--and I'm planning to discover as much magic as I possibly can!

Happy Tuesday! Back to them revisions!


Jenn Nixon said...

I can't fall asleep unless it's quite, I have my ear plug, yes...just one, and a fan on. Then I have to be in a certain position. I WISH I could fall asleep anywhere, even on top of a laptop. LOL

Anna Adams said...

Do you have sleep problems, too? When I do fall asleep, it's often so sudden, I wake up startled to find it was possible! :-)

I was going to suggest ocean waves, but sounds as if you've found your own version of white noise.

I saw your tweets about the great reviews! Congrats, Jenn!