Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday, this week...

...is suddenly a busy, busy day. I'm writing like mad, hoping I'll get a few minutes for a swim. I think when I swim, which is a good thing. ;-) But once the swimming calms my mind, it's like meditation. One with the water and the world. Peace, nothing but movement through the water. And afterwards...I know I'm easier to get along with. I wouldn't admit that just anywhere! ;-)

Next week, I'm off to visit my aunts and my cousin-who's-more-a-sister. I cannot wait for the chat and the cackling, as my beloved calls it. He's coming with me, so he'd better prepare himself for plenty of the cackling.

Okay, better not dwell on the fun of next week. Gotta get through this one first!

Before I'm back to work, hugs across the miles to my friend, Kate and her family, who've lost their dear friend, Bob. I'm wishing you ease of pain. Kitties aren't just pets; they're family.

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