Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Need for New Toys

Does anyone else get hungry to buy a new computer? I mean, this one is almost three years old. It was born in the age of the dinosaurs. You know?

And yet, it's lovely. It works perfectly well--reliable--never the least problem (except for the infamous Apple power cord troubles). Still, I see people with new ones, or I let myself look in the Apple store. Sigh. The newer models sing like the sirens they are!

Would they allow me to write (or you, who use them for work--would they let you accomplish your tasks) better? No. Is a new one necessary? No. In fact, I invariably forget to transfer stuff when I change machines, so probably I'd lose something I need.

But I'm suffering new toy envy when I should be producing new pages! I want to be reckless and wild! I want to say "I want; therefore, I'll buy." Instead, what I should say is "Pages? Oh, yeah. I'll quit procrastinating (shopping/lusting) right now."

I hope my distraction doesn't mean there's something wrong with the conflict again!

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