Friday, August 31, 2007

Storms and Satellites

Don't mix.

Each afternoon/evening for the past week we've had storms, and the second a cloud shows up, the satellite apparently cowers in fear. Oh, for an alpha satellite! One that is not swayed by cloud nor thunder, one that communicates at no thought of the personal cost.

But we just have the regular kind.

This morning, my friend, Susan Floyd (who also writes for SuperRomance), called. I hadn't really noticed how much nourishment the rain has brought, but the beloved was doing some work so I went outside to cackle to my heart's content without disturbing him. Suddenly, I noticed, the fall haze has begun. I love mornings with fall haze, but I digress! The grass has turned green and filled back in, and the dew had coated some longer spots with a kind of teal sheen. Beautiful! I just hope the beloved won't notice and mow it all down. He prefers tidy to oh-that's-gorgeous!

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