Monday, August 20, 2007

Swimming with the Snakes

Literally. Well, one snake and four frogs. Tonight, I am not fond of nature. We've had really hot weather. I guess nature wanted to cool off. So I finally gave up on the pool.

Have finished my deadline! Yay! And now I'm working on the next Welcome to Honesty book. This one is about Maria, who was Eli's doctor in Temporary Father. I loved her. She loved being on the page, and she got all feisty so we made a deal. If she stayed in character for Beth and Aidan's book, she got a book of her own.

I'm enjoying it so far. Maria's the black sheep of her family because she has a job and a home and she pays her bills and stays in one place and doesn't need rescuing.

Until now.

But she's not a woman who takes kindly to being rescued. The interesting difficulty about writing strong women is remembering that readers don't always come to them, knowing what I do, that they often have a soft center they're protecting with their outer shell of strength. Hinting at the softness, without letting them fold is walking a tightrope, but ya gotta have empathy.

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