Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Watching for Cooler Temps

The current book is set in winter, but it's 93 degrees (Heat Index 104) here right now. I have on movies with snow in them, because I wnat to remember what the sky looks like. I want to remember how people move when they're cold.

My heroine is a fish out of water because she's taken care of herself before now. The hero is in the same boat because he started all the heroine's trouble. Normally, he tries to avoid ruining women's lives so he's finding his actions unacceptable--thought he could not possibly have made any other choice.

Snow is working to isolate my characters.

It might be time for a pool break, though. Maybe the reptiles will stay away as the ground's too hot to slither or hop upon! I don't want the environment to cool down and become hospitable for them!

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