Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Where do you get it?

Today, I passed a driveway, fronted by two wooden gates, painted white. The drive curved under dripping trees, but disappeared. I didn't see the end of the drive or the house it led to, but I have a story forming in my mind, complete with a house I've made up--or maybe it made itself up--and a quirky family I'm already beginning to love. You know things will change, but I'm excited about the start--new ideas bubbling away.

I've read that P.D. James always knows her setting before she knows the rest of the story. It doesn't usually work that way for me, but today, I want to wander back into the notes I'm taking as often as I can.

I've just realized the holidays are closing in. I have three gifts, ideas for three others, and I've bought cards which I haven't begun to address.

Better get back to work so I'll have some time to work at fun!

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