Monday, December 8, 2008

Musing on Monday

This is weird. Our Internet access is up. I'm going to concentrate on not talking about our service as much. Anyway, I normally have to leave the house to work because the beloved is here, wandering around, expecting responses to his "observations."

Today, he's taken my car to do some stuff for his Harley Owner's Group. I should be hard at work, head down, not making (ugly) low cal/low fat banana pudding and a fresh pot of coffee while I page through my favorite crochet patterns and Teach Yourself to Knit.

I could take the beloved's car and wander over to a non-wifi spot where people will be annoyed if I want to chat them up. I could go look up a lovely game we learned with friends this weekend. Okay, I did look up Crud. It originated with military pilots, but neither my husband nor I had ever heard of it. Odd, since he did ten years active duty and ten more in reserves, and I did four years of active duty. And both of us were in Naval Aviation. We even spent time on a NATO base so we hung out with the Air Forces of several different nations, and still never heard of Crud. (A kind of modified pool game played by teams, using a cue ball and another ball--at a really fast pace. And can I mention, naturally less-than-graceful people need not apply unless prepared to be mocked?)

Hmmm. This post tells you how disciplined I am today. I'm going to shut down everything and get back to work. Or I'm taking the beloved's car (we call it the "sacred car" around here because we must treat it as if it's made of--something really fragile and precious. When you're being that careful, you know you're seconds away from a major crash!) and I'm going somewhere quiet. Maybe I need a librarian to force me to hush!

Note: Added Romance Writing from the Edge to my favorite blogs. JoAnn Ross is an amazing writer! Her blogs are as entertaining as her edge-of-the-seat novels!


Debbie White said...

I hate to say this, but when I saw this pic I thought "What the heck is that?!?!?!" Then when I read that it was banana pudding I thought "Yeah. That's what it is."

Anna Adams said...

LOL! It's not pretty, huh? I used to take all kinds of effort, layering and making pretty, but it eats the same this way. The girl calls it "banana smush." Seems appropriate!