Monday, December 1, 2008

First Day of December

We've had snow flurries today! Yay!

And I'm enduring Internet trials again. I hate being cut off from the Internet. As a writer, a lot of my friends are online, and we don't get out much, but we do a lot of chatting via email, Twitter, blogs, etc. I'm at a coffee shop. Again. I feel guilty for spending so much time on their wifi so I haven't actually been out to connect lately. Aaargghh! Hate to complain, of course.

So--it's December. I'm still working on proposals, though not dawdling any more. Actual hard, is-this-emotional-enough work. And that's good. I'm excited about writing. And I can say that without fear that it just means for today. Here's hoping the funk is beaten back!

Good lord--the Internet access just went down here as well. I'm a jinx. I'm going to try posting this and then shutting off the Internet entirely.

Snow and a working proposal--good things--things to rejoice about!

Bad Internet access--who needs to chitchat with friends anyway? ;-)


Debbie White said...

Snow and cold???? You ain't right!!! I'm ready for spring.

Anna Adams said...

Spring? I love you, but you need some sort of check-up! :-) Wouldn't you love to take one of Grandma's sleds for a ride?

(I mean if we could be certain we wouldn't break a hip!)

Debbie White said...

If I could be a kid again I would love to ride one of Grandma's sleds with her!!! But I'm afraid that as "old" as we are now, we would break a hip or something else important!!!!

Anna Adams said...

Heeheheeeheee! I'm with ya!