Friday, November 21, 2008


I've been working so hard I forgot to blog. What a nice feeling! ;-)

What are you doing for the weekend?--

Oh--wow--a man in the coffee shop's phone rang with my cousin, Bill's ring. I looked around for Bill, but he wasn't there. Wish he had been!

Anyway--back to the weekend. Can you believe next week is Thanksgiving? I just found myself trying to slow down these flying fall days. I love this time of year, can't wait for it, and every year it seems to go faster. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it means family to me. Just family. Lovely.

We're getting ready for our celebration, planning the meal. We're having dinner with friends, but then because we truly love Thanksgiving at our house, we're going to have our own meal on the Friday as well. How else would we have the yummy leftovers? ;-) That is kind of crazy though, huh? But I can't wait!

Back to work so I can take a few hours off next week without feeling guilty!

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