Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Yay! Debby Giusti tagged me at the Craftie Ladies of Suspense. I never get tagged so I'm pretty excited. I hope I can be interesting! I'm supposed to offer 7 random facts about myself.

1. I was once questioned by the Icelandic Police because the beloved and I ended up locked in a church after everyone else left. This church was started, but not completed, because a volcano erupted and the money for the church was used to repair people's homes. I like that about the wise Icelandic people. Anyway, instead of completing the church, they did build an observation deck in the spire. It was lovely, but noisy in the wind, so when everyone else left and the church was locked up, we did not know we'd begun to trespass.

2. I was once almost dragged out to sea in an effort to save my little brother as he was swept away during high tide. (Fortunately, my father saved us both!)

3. In another act of pure heroism, when a guy put out his cigarette on my best friend's coat at a high school football game, I laughed hysterically (panic reaction) instead of mentioning the flames rolling up her sleeve. (I did however pound the flames out while I laughed. And no--just in case you're worried--I never sit in the exit row on an airplane.)

4. I put that same best friend's cat in my second book, The Marriage Contract. He was a battling, black tom, one ear torn off in a past fray, no one's pet--who adopted my heroine and showed her love. (Thanks, best friend, for the inspiration!)

5. My husband and I never agree on anything--politics, which furniture to buy, what to name our son. We had a name chosen the night before he was born. While I was in labor, my beloved said "I don't really like the name Jared." I won't tell you what I said because I've already confessed enough bad stuff about myself. We finally agreed on a name just before we left the hospital, three days after our boy was born. And we both love his name--he was born to be a supreme court justice. Seriously, trust me! Justice ? ? ? Adams sounds perfect. Only the boy hates his middle name and he's a musician.

6. My daughter is a nursing student, and she cleans stuff that literally makes me faint when I think about all she faces. But when she walks into a grocery store where they have chickens on the rotisserie, she gags at the aroma! (If you're not nauseous enough yet, she's the girl who sounds as if she's calling football "Huts" as she passes the chicken roasting section.)

7. When I have free time, I go to a coffee shop and watch 27-year-old episodes of my long-canceled favorite soap opera. (I'm way behind, and I have this horrible fear they'll take it off the net, too.)

I'm supposed to tag people, too, but I'm not sure I know enough people who blog. I'm gonna try to browbeat friends, but please, consider yourself tagged and leave a link in the comment section so that people can follow you to your blog!

Oh--and don't forget it's report day at Sven's.

Happy Wednesday!


Tami Brothers said...

Hey Anna,

I added my tagged items on my blog today. Thanks for including me. I love these things.

Also, scary thought about having to save your brother. I'm glad that turned out well...


Debby Giusti said...

Hi Anna,
Thanks for accepting the tag!!! Loved the random comments about your life. Icelandic Police, dragged out to sea, battling flames. My life pales in comparison.

Okay, here's an important question: Were you watching the reruns at Panera?

Miss you! Let's have a cp day soon!

Anna Adams said...

Tami, I loved your list! I didn't actually have time to be too afraid when I went after my brother, and I was only maybe six or seven. I just saw him go, and I thought I could get him back.

Debby, if I'd known I was so exciting, I'd brag more often! I'm a little startled to think you and Tami don't get into these scrapes? I think y'all must be hiding something behind your more demure demeanors! ;-)

P.S. I was at Starbucks--faster connection! ;-) And let me know when you'd like a CP day--I'll be there! ;-)

Anna Adams said...

And Debby, I'm not sure I remembered to thank you for tagging me! That was exciting all by itself!