Monday, November 17, 2008

MySpace, At Last

Well, sort of. I've finally started a MySpace page. Some awfully nice people helped me because I'm apparently MySpace-challenged. One friend said she finds it so much easier than Facebook. I find I'm flummoxed! But there's a page, and I've updated it a bit. And I plan to update some more when I go out to a place that has decent wifi. (Same old, same old whinging! Sorry!)

For now, it's back to proposal land where the watchword is: Conflict, and oh yeah, some more conflict, please! That's a bunch of watchwords, but I'm digging for as much as I can get right now! ;-)

Happy Monday to all!


Walt Mussell said...

That's odd. I've heard some people say Myspace is easier than FB, but it's the reverse for me.

Hope you are well!

Anna Adams said...

Thanks, Walt! I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that. I thought maybe the brain wrinkles were smoothing out! ;-)

Hope your writing is flying!

Oh--are you on MySpace? I'm going to see if I can hunt you down! ;-)