Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Check in Day at Sven's

I have been sweating, though not yet today. I had some errands to run that included buying a new red phone. Okay. It didn't have to be red, but I sort of coveted a red phone. A red, sturdy phone. Yay--not only is it lovely, but I can finish a whole conversation without dropping the call, and I can hear the person I'm talking to. Isn't it wonderful when things work the way they're supposed to?

Gotta go crank up Gosford Park (although nerdsnark, I'll be asking the girl to bring her copy of Back to the Future home so I can see how that works) and get to sweating!

Check out everyone's reports at Sven's place. You'll be inspired if you're having a hard time getting into your own work.

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