Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Listening to a movie while I write

Don't you do that? It has to be one I've seen a billion times so that I don't pay attention other than taking comfort in the sounds. Conversation, rain, footsteps on wooden floors, spoons and glasses clinking. Singing.

That's what I'm hearing today because I'm listening to Gosford Park. I love cozy, period mysteries from the so-called Golden Age. So-called--it was the golden age for me--Dorothy Sayers, Agatha Christie (whom I didn't always love), Leslie Ford. Anyway, as I love them so much, I was disappointed in Gosford Park when I first saw it. The plot was not a puzzle. But I watched it again because it looked so beautiful. And then I watched it again because it looked--and sounded--so beautiful. And then--again--because I looked forward to certain moments when certain characters offered glimpses of who they were. Before I knew it, I loved it.

The moment when "Ivor Novello" sings to another character whom everyone else dismisses touches me every time.

And it's excellent writing background. I managed 1,491 words yesterday in my first Sven day.


NerdSnark said...

I do that. Back to the Future makes for a great writing background. "Great Scott!"

Anna Adams said...

LOL, nerdsnark! I love Christopher Lloyd saying that on ever occasion! I can hear it in my head. But I never thought of it as good writing background. I did write college papers to Tootsie of about the same timeframe!

Thanks for dropping by!