Friday, November 7, 2008

Time Management

I'm cackling even as I write those two words because I clearly don't use them together! Before I quit the day job, I managed to raise two children, still in school, deal with a husband who traveled most of the time, work a demanding day job as a tech writer for a software company (read demanding deadlines/long hours) and produce books. I never understood writers who said they couldn't find time when they had the lovely comfort of all day to write with no one demanding anything of them.

Guess who I am now. Part of it is the inability to say no to folks who think my time is so much my own I can rearrange my schedule. The thing is, I want to rearrange because I like to spend time with the people who need me to do that. But I also have to manage my own work time when I'm using it to have fun or do errands that need to get done.

I saw an ad yesterday for a class on time management for writers, and I thought--oohhhh! But hard on "oohhhh's" heels, "I don't have time for that!"


Amy said...

Hi Anna! This is Amy Henson...I had asked Steve about you last weekend and he had mentioned your trip. Girl i am so jealous. Beachtime is essential to healthy living I firmly! I'm not sure how i found your blog, but I have enjoyed reading it...Steve said something about Bart meeting with your writers group, i'm sure he wouldnt mind, just let him know when...
Take Care!

Anna Adams said...

Hey, Amy!

Thanks for stopping by! I totally agree with you about healthy ocean living! Everything is better with some ocean waves in the background--or in front of you--or all around you!

We have a new board at my writer's group, including a new program director, and I'm betting she'll jump at the chance to have Bart come talk. I'll ask her about the program schedule at our next meeting!

Thanks for dropping by!