Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's Thursday!

I've got a blinding headache, but I will not be denied! (Writing-wise.) I've dosed up on the caffeine and the aceta--okay--can't spell that. But I'm expecting to be able to think without pain at any moment. ;-)

No reading last night. Started to watch a new passion--Ghost Hunters. Must thank my friend, Kim for yet another television addiction! ;-) Between that and WWII movies on Veteran's Day, the DVR is nearly full.

So--I can't start clearing off DVR'd programs until I get a good word count. So--heeding the siren call of one and one-half unwatched episodes of Ghost Hunters, I must away to the appropriate files!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Anna! ;-) But it's so gosh darn addictive!

Kimberly Dean

Anna said...

LOL, Kim. Perhaps I didn't mention I'm grateful!'Cause I am. However, last night, when the girl strolled through, she did say "Mom--the stuff you watch!" And then she stayed to watch, too.

Anna said...

By the way, Kim, I miss you guys! ;-)