Friday, January 19, 2007

Learning Too Much from Reality

I love to watch how-to home improvement shows. With a writer's curiosity, I'm shameless about snooping into the stories behind why families are selling or renovating or just tidying up three rooms.

But tonight I'm watching one where the couple who own the house are getting divorced after thirty years of marriage and their grown children are estranged, some from the mother, some from the father. The house is incredibly cluttered and the improvements the family has made have not been done with an eye toward resale. Their anger made me sad. So did the garbage and the clutter they didn't clean.

My daughter always makes fun of me because I have to turn the station when scary movies get too tense. Half the time I don't see the scariest parts of a movie--which is what's happened with tonight's reality show. Too much real life got too scary for me. This is characterization I don't need to see. Very sad.

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