Sunday, January 7, 2007

Weekend Time Off

Turns out I'm better at taking time off than I thought. The girl and I have been talking and watching movies and crocheting afghans.

I like to think the proposal stories are percolating away in the back of my mind, and they'll just pour out when she goes back to school. If not, it'll be time to mine, but the time off is worth it.

(Must remember the midnight trip to a superstore to buy contact fluid and a case because she forgot to bring hers home. Scary. First, I parked at the wrong end of the two-football-length store. Who knew they close the doors at one end after midnight? The girl accompanied me, in jammies, for the ride. We brawled a bit about whether it was safer to go in or wait in the car, and for some reason, she believes as an over-18, she knows best. I came out and she and the car were gone. She didn't care for activities going on in the car that parked next to her. I didn't care for the near heart attack. Book fodder!)

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