Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday is Fun-day

Sort of. What a busy day. I visited a friend and then updated my website through a convoluted and most frustrating process. But it's done! Yay.

Also, I'll be blogging about the books I read for the next year on I'll add a link because there are a lot of people taking part in this experience--it's called the 2007 10,000 Book Challenge!--and you might find suggestions you'll enjoy in the different blogs. I'll eventually be part of the Harlequin Author Team, but a lot of the bloggers are reading and reporting separately. Hope you find something intriguing!

Well, it's late and I'm going to go watch Lucy reruns with my girlo!


JENNA said...

Welcome to the team!

Anna Adams said...

Why, thanks, Jenna! I'm reading three different books right now. Better start finishing them!

Anna, in awe of Jenna's reading list already!