Saturday, January 20, 2007

Talking Writing with Other Writers

Today was my local RWA chapter meeting. Patricia Sprinkle spoke to us on "The Mystery of Why We Write." I was definitely in the mood for a boost, and she gave us an amazing talk. Funny thing was--some friends and I were discussing our process early in the meeting. Another writer and I bemoaned the fact that it takes us several attempts to get the first 100 pages right. (And that is always where I have the greatest edits in revisions.)

During the program, Patricia Sprinkle gave us a few quotes that are important to her. This one really clicked for me, because I find getting those first 100 pages down increasingly frustrating. This is what she said. "We write it wrong until we get something we recognize." And that's exactly what it is for me. I feel less angsty about it because clearly I'm not alone in my suffering! :-)

Hope the weekend's lovely!

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