Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday, Monday

I just love that song.

Today, my girl and my beloved are watching a marathon of the program, Dirty Jobs. It's so revolting as a rule that I can't make myself watch it. So I have the headphones on and I'm listening to music at a decibel level that's going to leave me deaf. MIke Rowe, the host, is more than lovely and oh, his undeniable charms--but you'd have to put him through an autoclave before you could let him in the house! The things one must do for "family time." Apparently, breathing the same air in the same room counts!

I'm also working on pages for the first chapter of a new book. It's funny--as I've mentioned before, I love this stage, and yet, the more I'm at it, the less confidence I have and so the more I doubt the pages are right. Here's hoping! I'm interested in writing more--that's always a good sign. The best sign, really.

My ears are ringing.


JENNA said...

My boys are addicted to Dirty Jobs. I can't stand it either. Though, Mike Rowe did the narration for Deadliest Catch...and made me realize what a nice voice he has. Sigh...

Anna Adams said...

Hey, Jenna,

Thanks for dropping by. LOL on your boys and Dirty Jobs. I can watch some of them--metal and big machines, or the building demolition one, but most of them--ugh! In a really interesting segment today he was harvesting lumber that had fallen off ships from before 1812. That was pretty amazing to think about.

Just now, the beloved has been watching a program on UFOs and he's searching outside our windows for visitors from another planet. ;-)

Mike and his lovely voice aren't that bad!


With Hammer And Tong...The LetterShaper said...

As a poet, and an avid reader, I have to say that I very much enjoyed my leisurely stroll through your was time well spent; entertaining and enlightening. I thank you...