Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Getting back into a book

Do you ever have a hard time reading a book you've set down for a few days? Imagine trying to write it. I forget character names and things like hair color, eye color, etc. But worse than that, I forget what brilliant plot points may have come upon me unawares.

As I've been re-reading/acquainting myself with Forbidden (w.t.), I find I was also lucky enough to forget some lousy and terrifyingly pointless writing, but this is a chance to tighten that up! So, I'm back on track with Sven and getting back on track with Forbidden.

Trying to decide whether I want to work at home or go see what's going on at the Starbucks at B&N. The question is, will I work at the Starbucks or will I cruise the books all day? I fear I know the answer so I'm trying to settle in here.

Oh, I need to check in with Sven today.


Portia Da Costa said...

Yeah, I have trouble remembering stuff about my characters if I miss writing for a few days.

Have a great writing day and a Happy Halloween!

Anna Adams said...

Thanks for dropping by, Portia. Y'all are doing such a great job with Sven. I appreciate the encouragement!