Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Percolating History and a Story!

I have a huge family. Part of it came over land through Richmond into the Tennessee Valley. Oddly, those older fellas weren't so different from many of our rowdier ranks today. I found church minutes that began in the late 1700s and I have a feeling I could have chosen my great-great-almost ad infinitum-grandfather right off that page. But their rowdiness endears them to me and makes me think about who we are now.

They also made my cousin, Bill, think. He's suggested a story to me, and while I love the idea, there were reasons I felt I couldn't do it justice. However, it's been lolling about the back of my mind and it began to percolate. It's fairly leaping about now, but I think I've found a way I can work with it. Now, if only I can do justice to the contracted work first! ;-) Thanks, Bill!

Never ignore your sub-conscious, or your cousin Bill. That's my lesson for today.

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