Friday, October 19, 2007

The Working Weekend Begins

Last weekend was my family's reunion. One of my brothers even made it up there, but I didn't, so I've been thinking about the folks all week, kind of leafing through the old pics.

So--up there is one of my cousin and me. She's eleven months older, but already I was outgrowing her. (I never thought that was fair, as I longed to be a delicate flower!) In one version of this picture I'm clutching a "pocket-purse" the size of a small car. Wish I could find that one! ;-)

I'm closing in on my Monday deadline. Yesterday, I managed to add only 5 pages, but I had plenty to cut. Normally, it would be hard to see all those pages disappear, but they needed to go. They make room for the new stuff I've been adding, and the new stuff is more passionate--more fun for me to write, a whole lot more to the point in a romance!

This is like kneading bread.

I love to make bread, but I'm never sure it's going to work. There comes a time in each batch where I know I've got pure gluten stinking to my fingers, or I'm stunned to find I've actually managed something delicious. (The recipe's amazing and only fails due to operator error.)

I hope I'm finding bread in my laptop mixing bowl. ;-)

And--wonder of wonders in a place where the drought is truly horrific, it's raining!


Debbie White said...

I can't believe that no one has commented about how "cute" these two girls are!!!

Anna Adams said...

I know! What's up when we have to do that ourselves? But we certainly were adorable! ;-)

I'm missing you!